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Palestina Olive Oil is one of the only vegan oils on the market.  While virtually all olive oil comes from trees fertilized by either chemicals or manure from farmed animals, Palestina Olive Oil is fertilized by manure from rescued donkeys.

We don't water our trees, but rather allow the rain to do its job. This means it is very concentrated with a strong olivey flavor. Furthermore, reliance on rainwater means the oil doesn't contain any additives found in piped water, such as fluoride or metal or plastic from irrigation systems.

Palestina Olive Oil is grown in Asira, Palestine. The olive oil comes from natural old growth trees. Olive trees originated in the Mediterranean and have existed in Palestine for thousands of years. The climate, soil and terrain of the Mediterranean are ideal for olive trees and did not require replacing natural fauna to grow.

Olive Oil Production is the primary means of livelihood for Palestinians. We use local labor to care for and harvest our olives (with the exception of a token amount harvested by American guests who come to experience the olive picking season).  The olive harvest season is a special time in Palestine where all the villagers go into the fields and help each other pick the trees.  The entire family helps out, from the eldest, who help cook shared meals eaten in the field, to toddlers who help pick twigs out of the harvest.  It's a special family and community shared experience that people remember throughout their lives.

The classic Palestinian dish that features olive oil is msakhan, which is similar to a pizza with caramelized onions glazed with sumac soaked in olive oil and topped with browned pine nuts. It is usually served with chicken but it tastes amazing without it. Palestina Olive Oil is probably best served dipped with zaatar spice, poured onto hummus or topping a salad.

Olive trees are central to Palestinian culture. Olives are the primary crop in Palestine and the trees in Palestine are thousands of years old. They provide the primary means of subsistence for over 100,000 families.

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"It truly is one of the best olive oils I’ve had in a long time!!! I tried it on top of Labneh (or filtered yogurt in Damascus) and it never tasted better. In fact, my son asked for an olive oil sandwich yesterday! It has a very fresh earthy hearty after taste. I cannot go back to the Costco. NO. The whole family is waiting for the next harvest” — Mazen